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How it all began...

My name is Charlotte Rosario. I am the creator of the Community Photobooth. I aspire to call myself a semi-professional photographer, a passionate community advocate, and a young entrepreneur. Through the Photobooth, I enjoy the gratification of positive entrepreneurship and seeing others benefit from the support of my wonderful community.


Since I was 11, photography had always been a magical way to express my creativity, and my camera worked wonders for my curiosity. When 2020 hit and the world seemed to burst at its seams, I truly fell in love with the idea to change the world around me. That year, with my camera dangling around my neck, I urged my mother to drive me from corner to corner of the Bay Area. While I was only an amateur photographer, I shimmied my way into the action of lionhearted protests, election voting centers, and community volunteer events to not only show my support for the causes but to capture it all in photos. I craved the thrill of exploration, photographing the hidden gems, and being amongst other people who felt the same passion as I did for these issues. As a result, I started The Focus, an online photo-journal that documents important events, issues, and topics around the community. The goal of the photo-journal is to not only open viewers' eyes to the current events in our community but to inspire other amateur photographers to journey into their neighborhoods and involve themselves in these pressing issues too. On the Focus, every photo and every photographer has a story.

Whenever I'm not out exploring my community, I am working on my community initiative. The Community Photobooth was born out of my idea to gather neighborhood families together under similar interests: one being the desire to have beautiful family photos and the second being improving the community. Originally, photoshoots were reserved only for my friends. But as time went by, I began to weigh the idea of pointing my camera not just at my friends, but at the families around my neighborhood. Not only that, I wanted to find a way to merge my photography with philanthropy.

Soon enough, I took to building out my photography endeavor, where much of the money I raise from family photoshoots I put back into the community through local nonprofits and more. Currently, I work with families to deliver them tasteful collections of high-quality photos through fun, convenient, and affordable photoshoots. Recently, I've saved up to upgrade my camera, so my clients can receive even better photos. Whether you're aching for the perfect Instagram-worthy shots, preparing for holiday cards, needing an event photographer, or find your walls lacking up-to-date family photos due to the pandemic, there is always a reason to treat you or your family to a photoshoot. 

I hope that with The Community Photobooth, I can leverage the good people of my community and make a difference in the world around me. I've realized that there is so much in our world that needs fixing, and that so many people want to help. In the win-win scenario I have created with the Community Photobooth, not only do people get the beautiful photos they desire but they can simultaneously donate to important causes. After all, when we come together, It's clear that we can do great things.


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