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Bay Area Teen photography collective launches fundraiser to support aspiring youth photographers in Kenya

Gizzim photography students posing for a photo (1).jpg
Some of Gizzim's students. 

SAN MATEO, CA — The Community Photobooth is a nationally recognized, Bay Area-based collective of teen photographers who raise money for a variety of important causes through photoshoots. To date, they have amassed over 35,000 dollars in support of initiatives like spreading teen mental health awareness, donating to local food banks, and assisting a photojournalist on the frontlines of the Russia-Ukraine War. Last December, they received an email from Justus Mulwa, the founder of Gizzim, a Kenyan-based organization that supports young refugees through photography training programs. Due to the current refugee crisis in Kenya, he reached out to the Community Photobooth to seek funding support for his vision. United by their shared passion for photography and a commitment to empowering the next generation of creatives, the Community Photobooth and Gizzim partnered to bring their vision to life.


About Gizzim

The Gizzim Initiative, founded in 2013, is a nonprofit organization based in Nairobi, Kenya. They are committed in their mission to uplift young refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, and Kenya by offering comprehensive photography training programs. But their vision doesn’t stop at photo education — Gizzim ensures that these youth receive not only a safe, creative learning environment but also critical resources such as warm meals, internet access, technology, and opportunities for employment in the long run. At its core, the Gizzim Initiative believes giving youth a creative outlet like photography serves as an alternative to paths like crime, teen pregnancy, and substance abuse. Not only are photography skills a better alternative — they also equip kids with cameras as a way to document these challenges, raise global awareness, and actively participate in crafting solutions.


Upon first learning of the mission, The Community Photobooth was drawn to the shared vision between organizations. Central to its ethos is the belief in harnessing creativity as a voice for young people to effect change. So, they chose to dedicate their annual fundraiser to supporting this cause across the globe.


Gizzim's mini documentary, learn more about their initiative. 

The Fundraiser

At the beginning of August, the Community Photobooth launched their fundraiser in partnership with Gizzim. They intend to raise 10,000 dollars for Gizzim, which will go towards buying the kids new equipment and a shipping container to expand their learning facility. Along with fundraising, The Community Photobooth has also been promoting Gizzim’s organization through sharing their mini documentary on YouTube and Instagram. The documentary, released in early August of 2023, is aimed towards displaying the Gizzim initiative through the perspective of members on the team and children currently enrolled in the program. 


To support Gizzim, book a photoshoot or donate directly through More information is available on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook


Contact us:


Irene Chen 

The Community Photobooth

‭+1 (650) 888-4345‬

Gizzim founder Justus posing for a photo in one of the events. (1).JPG
Gizzim's founder, Justus. 
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