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August 2020  |  Thanks to so many generous, local families, we raised over $800 to supply lunches for our local hardworking First Responders at the Mills-Peninsula Medical Center and supported Santa Cruz victims of Covid-19 and wildfires through the Second Harvest Food Bank. 

About the fundraiser

The First Responder Photoshoot-Fundraiser was what started it all. As the very first fundraiser of more to come, it was the humble beginning to the Community Photobooth. During August of the summer of 2020, we held a two-Sunday event of photoshoots to raise money for the cause. Rather than simply click a button online to give back to First Responders in our area, families were also able to get an exclusive photoshoot in return. 

At the time, Covid-19 cases were surging once again. Anyone who experienced the virus itself or simply peered down the hallways of our bustling hospitals would understand First Responders' desperation. Cases were rising alongside the need for equipment and support. However, the honeymoon period of quarantine was over, and people were beginning to ease off of donating to Covid-19 hospital workers. Thus, the idea soon bloomed to raise money for local First Responders, all while continuing to perform photoshoots.

The goal was to raise $300; we raised over $800. With this, we bought lunches for the First Responders at our local hospital and, because Santa Cruz was facing a devastating fire at the time, we decided to allocate some of the money towards the food bank in the area to support victims of Covid-19 and wildfires.


First Responders at Mills Peninsula Medical Center
Wilfire victims through Santa Cruz Second Harvest Food Bank
2020 Hillsborough Living Magazine
The fundraiser was featured in the September 2020 issue of the Hillsborough Living Magazine.
We provided lunches for hardworking First-Responders at our local hospital.
2020 Photoshoot Fundraiser Donation to hospital
2020 Photoshoot-Fundraiser Food bank donation
And, we sent a generous donation to the Second Harvest Food Bank.  

Dear 2020 Photoshoot-Fundraiser Participants,

Thank you for supporting our local community when our First-Responders needed you most. We couldn't have done it without you.

The Community Photobooth

HLM Mag 2020

This was the first website for the Community Photobooth's first Photoshoot-Fundraiser. This was the website that started it all.

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