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The Original Message
Raising $1000 to protect local parks during wildfire season and heighten environmental awareness

Dear my Community,

Wildfire after wildfire, drought after drought—as Californians, we have faced it all. We know the capabilities of climate change on our lives, our homes, and our cities. We know, and we've seen, that climate change is no longer a threat to our future, but an issue of today


Once again, California faces another wildfire season. This summer, it is crucial that we all work together as a community to protect our local greenery and county parks. 

The mission is to raise $1000 to address the climate crisis within our community and register for this one-of-a-kind fundraiser. Not only will you receive a collection of beautiful photos and save yourself from future holiday card stress, but you will also be improving the environment in your very own community—whether that's bringing more greenery to your favorite local park, supplying park rangers with the necessary equipment to keep our wildlife safe from fire dangers, or the very air you breathe this moment. Every penny will go towards our community and our Earth Please join your friends, family, and neighbors this coming August in fighting climate change by signing up for your very own photoshoot at the Community Photobooth's 2021 Photoshoot-Fundraiser.


Together, let us protect our community and make it an even greener place. 

With hope and gratitude,

Charlotte Rosario

Charlotte Rosario speaking with Michelle Beasley


We doubled last year's Photoshoot-Fundraiser's profits and raised 170% of our goal!


The $1000 has gone towards the San Mateo County Parks Foundation to support the greenery in our community. The money will provide tools and resources to park rangers to ensure our local parks and wildlands are safe during wildfire season, as well as heighten more environmental awareness in our community.

As for the rest of the money, we are yet to decide where it will be the most beneficial to our community and environment. One potential idea is allocating this money towards replanting trees that were cut down due to fire season. The wildfires have taken a major toll on our environment, and has left communities, including ours, scrambling to clear out much of our trees. Once it is safe to do so, replanting greenery in our community will be necessary.

Charlotte hands off the check to Michele Beasley, the Executive Director of the San Mateo County Parks Foundation, at the Captain's House in Coyote Point. Though, it's hard to tell, there are big smiles under the masks!

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