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The Community Photobooth's December/January 2022-23 fundraiser:

Julia Kochetova | War is Personal

Julia Kochetova, 29, Ukrainian photojournalist and documentary filmmaker, reporting from Ukraine now.

Learn more about Julia and her inspiring Ukraine war photography efforts:

Produced by our Director of Videography, Ethan Huynh

Please join us in helping Ukrainian photojournalist Julia Kochetova raise funds for her war photo diary, War is Personal, which she hopes to publish in 2023 to tell the unspoken stories of victims, defenders, and soldiers in Ukraine and inform the world of the truth of war. 

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All donations will be going towards War is Personal.

We will be donating 50% of the profits. Get beautiful photos all while supporting Julia's project.

Meet Julia

Julia Kochetova (29) is a Ukrainian photojournalist and documentary filmmaker based in Kyiv. She is currently reporting from Ukraine now. Julia is focused on the issues of the war generation, post-traumatic stress disorder and feminism.

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