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Bay Area youth photographers run their own Photobooth

100% of profits donated towards local community needs (our current fundraising focus)

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Photoshoot specialties: Family, Event, Headshots, Studio, Sports

Available Locations: San Mateo, Hillsborough, Burlingame

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Girl in green
Baseball catcher
BHS graduate
Yellow flowers
Baseball - #23
Girl in blue
Learn more about Aryan...

Photoshoot specialties: Family, Pet, Headshots

Available Locations: Burlingame, San Mateo, Hillsborough, Belmont

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A Community Photobooth Family!

Photoshoot specialties: Family, Pet, Event, Headshots, Videography

Available Locations: Burlingame, San Mateo, Hillsborough, Belmont

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Photoshoot specialties: Portraits, Event, Sports

Available Locations: Burlingame, San Mateo, Hillsborough

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IMG_8558 (1)

Photoshoot specialties: Family, Pet, Event, Headshots, Videography

Available Locations: Burlingame, San Mateo, Hillsborough, Belmont

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The Community Photobooth
The Lau Family
Megan - The Community Photobooth
Dr. Tom Catena Fundraiser Event
Madeline - The Community Photobooth
Robotics Team
The Gatoff Family
Lara & Juliana - The Community Photobooth

Can't decide which Photobooth to choose? Check out our gallery of testimonials or contact hello@communityphotobooth.com to schedule a one-on-one call with a photographer.

Here's why...

Most photographers will charge you hundreds of dollars for the photoshoot and come up with some confusing pricing model to slap on some extra fees for editing photos. Yeah. We're not like that.


At The Community Photobooth, we believe in transparency and philanthropy. We keep our pricing low because we're not here to  empty your pockets to pay ourselves; we're simply here to raise funds to help our community and the people within it—and that includes  you. In fact, when you pay for your photoshoot, you are actually donating to The Community Photobooth and putting money back into our community. All of our photographers volunteer their free time to do your photoshoot session and carefully edit every single one of your photos. Why? Because they want to help our community and raise funds for local needs. Every photographer donates 100% of their profits back into the community. Check out what our Photobooths are currently fundraising for


Furthermore, we believe that our hardworking photographers deserve to be rewarded for their goodwill and philanthropy. We keep our rate low because we want to give room for tipping your photographer.  If you enjoyed your photoshoot and want to support a local youth photographer, we highly encourage you to tip your photographer something extra. 

Bay Area youth photographs run their own Photobooth

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Our rate is $120/hour for all photoshoots. We edit every single photo for free.


Unlimited Pre-Shoot Consultations

Whether it's through phone or email, we are more than happy to brainstorm logistics. If you are unsure about their photoshoot location, outfit styling, exact timing, or pricing, we are here to help.

Shared Google Photos Album

Once your photos are edited to perfection, we will push out a shared online photo album where you are able to further edit, share with friends and family, order prints on your own, and download.

Infinite Photos

In your selected amount of time, there is no limit on the number of photos we can take. We will gently guide you through your photoshoots, but we welcome your own creativity and will step back when necessary to let your stories unfold.

All Photos Edited

Part of crafting elegant, vibrant photos is the editing. Editing is simply the cherry-on-top. Every photo will be enhanced with tasteful editing no matter the size of the collection. 

If you would like to book a photoshoot beyond a photographer's available locations, we charge an additional flat fee of $30. 

All Photobooths go by the same hourly rate. Minimum length of photoshoot session: 30 minutes

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dog (captain) bday party-40
Dog named captain
dog (captain) bday party-01
Dog during golden hour

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