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The Community Photobooth's August/September 2023 fundraiser:

Gizzim Photography

From Gizzim's website: Gizzim brings the youth out of this hopelessness and the darkness of the streets. We give them life which expresses passion through the camera lens

Please join us in raising funds for Gizzim Photography: an organization based in Nairobi, Kenya, that strives to help Kenyan youth refugees escape poverty through photography. Through this fundraiser, these young photographers will gain access to more equipment and more space to learn and experiment with their cameras. 

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In May of 2023, our team received an email from a young Kenyan refugee, Isaac, who expressed his need for support. He told us about the current refugee crisis in Kenya, about 200,000+ of whom are children. Isaac introduced us to the organization that was giving him refuge and an education, and that's when we fell in love with The Gizzim Initiative.

Gizzim is a nonprofit organization based in Kenya, they help refugees escape poverty by teaching them photography skills that can help them find employment. The founder of Gizzim, Justus, is committed to uplift the youth living on the streets by providing internet and meals in a classroom for students. Currently, Justus is only able to accommodate 30 students because their classroom is a shipping container...yes, a shipping container! This September, The Community Photobooth is on a mission to raise $10,000 to help Gizzim purchase a larger classroom space so that hundreds more youth refugees can escape poverty and join the Gizzim community. Learn more about Gizzim on their website.

Please help us support these refugees by signing up for a photoshoot or making a direct donation. 

Gizzim founder Justus posing for a photo in one of the events. (1).JPG
Gizzim's founder Justus.

Learn more and watch Gizzim's mini documentry:


All donations will be going to Gizzim.

We will be donating 80% of the costs and profits. Get beautiful photos all while supporting Gizzim.

Know of someone or an organization looking for support? Nominate them for our next monthly fundraiser. 

We are here to listen to our community. If you know of a person (can be yourself!), organization, project, or program in need of support and that would like to be considered for our next fundraiser, fill out our contact form linked below:

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