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Jake's Photobooth

Photoshoot specialties: Event, Family, Sports

Available Locations: Burlingame, San Mateo


Hi, I'm Jake Rothstein! Welcome to my Photobooth. I’m a current Senior attending Burlingame High School, and Head Photographer for the Burlingame B newspaper where I first discovered my passion for photography. As a photographer I tend to gravitate towards sports, event and portrait photography, but in my free time I enjoy urban and landscape photography which I post on my Instagram. When it comes to photo style and editing, I usually use zoom lenses with high compression with a soft out-of-focus background that brings out the subjects. Through editing I refine the colors to accurately depict both the scene and subjects or add artistic flare for a bolder end result. I also enjoy converting photos to black and white due to conveying more intense emotion though it all depends on what you are looking for!


For any and all questions, feel free to contact me:

About Jake
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